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The World Economic Forum's Technology Pioneers community recognizes early to growth-stage companies from around the world that are involved in the design, development and deployment of new technologies and innovations, and are poised to have a significant impact on business and society. We strongly encourage all candidates to carefully read our selection criteria before completing an application. If you think you might be eligible, please apply by completing the online application form below.

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Selection Criteria - Innovation: truly innovative in bringing to market technology with an effective business model; considered a technology leader in its field. - Impact: has the potential to make a substantial long-term impact on business and society. - Growth company: less than 10 years old from company inception; be an independent, privately held company. - Leadership: visionary leadership with the ability to drive the company to success, and be able to contribute time and expertise to the Forum's work.

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ECOTECHNOLOGIES—most cost-effective water purification service for multicomponent waste globally, solving for 2 million tons of sewage & industrial waste discharged into oceans daily.

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ECOTECHNOLOGIES specializes in the treatment of various types of waste: from conventionally contaminated wastewater to complex multicomponent liquid and solid wastes. ECOTECHNOLOGIES has a fully integrated supply chain from the creation and operation of waste treatment stations to the services it provides for customers, thus ensuring efficiency, effectiveness and enhanced service. The company has also developed innovative cleaning technologies, allowing for ease and effectiveness in the mobility and construction of treatment stations. Our customers include chemical and industrial production facilities, oil and mining conglomerates, agricultural organizations and utility companies. The treatment stations we have developed are easily scalable and can satisfy the needs of small, medium and very large enterprises. ECOTECHNOLOGIES pays great attention to developing and upgrading existing technologies for waste treatment. We are constantly carrying out scientific and technological studies to improve existing and new innovative technologies for the treatment and recycling of useful substances contained in waste.


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Ecology, waste management and recycling, water purification.

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Representative office: Empire Tower, Presnenskaya emb., 6 bld.2, Moscow, 123317, Russia

Production site: Dmitry Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, website:

Miusskaya sq. 9, 125047 Moscow, Russia. Mendeleev Valley

Innovation Scientific and Technological Center - A universal platform for transforming vertically oriented chemical industries into successful leading companies integrated in digital global production chains.



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Problem & Solution

Existing liquid waste treatment technologies require large investments or do not clean waste sufficiently enough to preserve the environment. Despite high demands from regulators, many enterprises, are unable to afford quality treatment facilities due to high costs. Consequently this causes either massive disruptions or a halt in the development of enterprises, as the increase in production becomes economically impractical.

The new technology is applicable to a wide variety of types of waste, including the treatment of storm water and highly contaminated multicomponent waste.

The developed methods make it easy to scale the treatment stations both in terms of volume and types of waste processed. The volume ranges from several cubic meters per hour, which corresponds to a small farm, to hundreds of cubic meters per hour, which is suitable for serious production enterprises.

The absence of a barrier in the form of high initial investments on the part of the consumer makes possible the massive and rapid implementation of technology by a large number of enterprises at once.

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In the activities of the company, we highlight FOUR main innovative components:

- New cleaning method that allows treating the liquid waste of various types;

- Method of treating solid waste; -

Method of isolation and subsequent preparation for the use of useful substances contained in waste;

- Approach to waste treatment as a service;

Description of the liquid waste treatment method;

- Hydrodynamic processing in an apparatus of the original design with a rotating electromagnetic field;

- Membrane cleaning (ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis);

- Final cleaning and disinfection using ozone and ultraviolet radiation.

Our team of scientists and technologists specialize in, and have worked on, multiple projects for waste treatment in space. Thus, our technology, to some extent, is a civilian industrial application of waste treatment plants originally developed for use in space.

The company has registered several IP rights and patents, therefore the rights fully belong to ECOTECHNOLOGIES LLC.

Stage In 400 words or less, please state stage (e.g., design / development, working prototype, released) or clinical trial stage.

At the moment, the research and trial operation stage of the cleaning technology has been completed, on individual components of the technology and on the cleaning technology as a whole, which processes and treats complex waste using intricate operational methodologies. The positive conclusion of state regulatory organizations, regarding the compliance of treated water quality standards with those of the standards for fishery reservoirs, confirms the success of the tests.

Professional trial tests of a working prototype for a disintegration-of-solid-materials facility have been carried out, including persistent technogenic raw materials and minerals (quartz).

Prototypes have been produced and debugged, furthermore, they are successfully operated at 30 treatment facilities.

At this stage, preparations are underway for the industrial production of treatment facilities in three standard layouts:

- Mobile, in a 20 ft sea container;

- Mobile, in 40 ft sea container;

- Stationary in prefabricated shield hangars.

At the same time, contracts are underway for the installation of treatment stations in varied geographies.

Customers In 400 words or less, please state your target customer segments and your current key customers.

The geographic orientation of the business model is focused on African, Asian and Russian markets. The innovative methodologies for water purification and waste management can be used in the following industries:

Pulp and paper industry;

Chemical industry;

Ferrous and Non-ferrous metallurgy;

Cement production;

Wastewater treatment;

Oil industry;

Coal mining and processing;

Fuel combustion in large plants (TPP);

The production of drinks, milk.

The environmental engineering market is promising across the globe, and in many market segments. Today, projects of environmental origin account for more than 35% of the engineering services market in developed countries. Our current principal customer is a metallurgical company. This company is the largest titanium producer in the world.

Competitors In 400 words or less, please state your main competitors and unique advantage over each.

Our major competitors are the following:

Huber Technology LLC, which specializes in the production, implementation and maintenance of integrated wastewater treatment systems and sludge treatment. Since it does not have the same effluent treatment and disinfection system as ours, it is unable to offer the same favourable conditions.

NPO (Scientific Production Association) ECOSYSTEM, specializes in the production, implementation and maintenance of integrated wastewater treatment systems. However, it is unable to provide operating costs as low as ours for the treatment of highly toxic liquid waste, while maintaining the required water quality. Moreover, it does not advance proposals for a station that is as effective and efficient as Ecotechnologies' stations in the disintegration of solid waste.

Dupont—one of the leaders in the market for land cleaning and restoration. Dupont uses only membrane technology and solely provides selective cleaning services using expensive branded reagents. We, in turn, offer a comprehensive approach, and offer wastewater treatment services that address multiple kinds of pollutants. Our reagents are much cheaper.

Key Risks In 400 words or less, please describe your key risks (e.g., product / execution / regulation).

Product risks:

Competitors might attempt to replicate our technology. Our technologies are protected by patents.

Lack of finished software. We are currently developing our own microprocessor and software. -The technology market is constantly evolving, and as time passes, the less likely it is to effectively enter the market. If we don't act now, and fast, more damage will be done to the environment and our water systems creating an even larger global issue.

Execution risks:

-Limited engineering capacity. Since each individual project requires individual equipment settings and configurations, this could mean that it may be technically difficult to simultaneously satisfy the needs of a large number of customers.

Regulation risks:

A lot of time is spent on collecting and preparing permits, and licenses in order to install and operate the equipment.

Growth Plans & Potential Impact In 400 words or less, please describe your growth plans and how your product or service can solve global challenges.

The application of our technology in masse will allow an increase in production, freeing funds for the research and development of innovative new equipment.

The application of our technology in places where previously no cleaning and effective waste management was carried out will contribute to attempts to reverse the negative effects of poor waste management and irresponsible consumption on our climate and environment.

In countries with a dire shortage of drinking water, the use of technology will allow nations and their agricultural industries to use previously unsuitable water resources.

Recycling the resulting useful water resources will reduce the need for the extraction of these very resources, thus, contributing to a decrease in the depletion of the earth's freshwater reserves.

During the year we are going to b

Begin the industrial production of treatment facilities with a capacity for at least 30 objects per year;

Attract investments;

Install at least 20 small and 10 large objects;

Get revenue;

Take further steps to achieve the long-term goal of becoming a world leader in the field of treatment and recycling of waste.

New compounds of materials are constantly being created, this means that multiple kinds of pollutants are constantly entering our water streams and reacting in diverse ways. The mobility and flexibility of our technology allows our company to quickly and efficiently adapt to these changes.

The population of regions such as Africa and Asia is growing rapidly, and by 2030 the population will be 1.8 billion and 6.1 billion, respectively. This would cause a direct increase in clean/freshwater consumption; given the current poor ecological state globally, our solution are not only breakthrough but also necessary, especially in these given regions.